Which two mobs can be killed with snowballs?

Posted By: Jacob Buckheit

The snowball is a pretty bad weapon in Minecraft. First of all, the snowball is pretty hard to come by. To encounter one, you must first find a snowy biome. Then, you need a shovel. Walk around with the shovel, and whack the snow blocks. This will yield, on average, a snow ball or two, but can give you up to eight snow balls per block broken. Snowballs are famous for their knockback ability. They are actually pretty annoying when youa re getting hit by them constantly. Also, snowballs are used in many server plugins to act as bullets with no additional client sided modifications. Snowballs deal 3 damage to blazes, and a one damage to the ender dragon. So next time you are feeling bored, go take out the ender dragon pain stakingly slowly, one half heart at a time, with a snowball.


throwing snowballs at endermans

Fun fact: if you throw a snowball at an enderman he'll teleport away and not be agrovated, meaning you can get rid of endermans in the end without having to fight them!

Posted By flip35

EnderDragon dont get damaged

That was a bug that was fixed in 15w32a (1.9). Ender Dragons dont get damaged by eggs or snowballs.

Posted By MyCatName

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