Which of these is not a neutral mob?

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There are many mobs in minecraft, and they are have some very unique properties. In Minecraft, mobs are living and moving entities that are not the player. Mob is actually short for "mobile," because mobs can move. All different mobs have different characteristics, and different conditions in the world cause the mobs to spawn. Players have the ability to spawn mobs using Spawn Eggs while in creative mode or by using /summon command. There are six different groups of mobs. These groups include passive, neutral, hostile, tameable, utility, and boss mobs. Boss mobs are spawned in survival mode through player interaction with an item or with some portion of the world, and they are the only mob that is spawned by the player in vanilla survival mode.

Passive Mobs

Passive mobs are the weaklings. Passive mobs run from trouble, and are not looking for a fight. Even when attacked, these mobs will not fight back. The full list of passive mobs includes the bat, the chicken, the cow, the mooshroom (a variant of the cow), the pig, the rabbit, the sheep, the squid, and the villager. Most passive mobs are killed for their drops of meat. They are one of the few methods of coming across meat in the game, which is also one of the most efficient ways to regenerate health and fill up your hunger bar.

Neutral Mobs

Neutral mobs are known for not attacking the player until they are provoked. They are aware of players, but neutral mobs can usually be found minding their own business. Once a player aggrivates one of these mobs, the mob will attack the player until either it dies, or the player dies at the hands of the mob. The neutral mobs are the cave spider, zombie pigman, the enderman and the spider. Spiders are known for their useful drops of string, and endermen must be killed in order to get ender eyes to gain access to the end. Ender eyes are also well known as a strategic weapon in PVP, as they have the ability to teleport the player.

Hostile Mobs

The hostile mobs are the largest group of mobs in the game. They are also the meanest. Hostile mobs are known for attacking players on sight, and not stopping until the player dies or the mob dies. Many hostile mobs will burn in the sunlight, and will also only spawn when the light level on a block is low enough. The list of hostile mobs features the blaze, the chicken jockey, the creeper, the elder gaurdian, the endermite, the ghast, the guardian, the magma cube, the silverfish, the skeleton, the slime, the spider jockey, the witch the wither skeleton, the zombie, and the zombie villager. These mobs are known for their extremely valuable drops, but high risk in any attempt to collect these drops.

Tameable Mobs

These are the pets of Minecraft. When tamed, these mobs will follow around the player, or allow the player to control them in some way. Donkeys, horses and mules will all allow the player to ride and control their movement. They allow for faster movement of the player that is riding them. Ocelots will follow players, and also scare away creepers. The wolf will follow and protect players, becoming agressive towards anything that attacks the player, or that the player attacks.

Utility Mobs

There are currently two utility mobs in the game, the snow golem and the iron golem. Both of these mobs will attack hostile mobs in order to protect the player. Snow golems will only deal damage to the ender dragon and blazes, but iron golems will put up a fight against any mob they can.

Boss Mobs

These are the strongest mobs in the game. The ender dragon and the wither are the two boss mobs. They have huge rewards for killing them, but they are very strong.


Incorrect information

1. wolfes and non-player made iron gollems are also neutral mobs, when you attack them they will attack back 2. the elder guardian is also a boss mob

Posted By flip35

Boss Mobs

Is the ender dragon or the wither boss stronger?

Posted By andyaitboa

Forgotten information

Unused and removed mobs: pigment villagers, red dragon, beast boy, rana, "Steve", grandpa Steve, zombie horse, human, ex.

Posted By Pie

Spiders and Parrots

Spiders are considered neutral, but act hostile at night. Also, you can tame the parrot with seeds and it will sit on your shoulder as you wander around the world.

Posted By a1a1a1q1

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