What materials do you need to make shears?

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Shears are not a very popular item in Minecraft. I would venture to say that there are even very few people who know about the A pair of shears in minecraft.existence of shears in the game. Shears are the most efficient way to harvest wool from sheep. When you use shears on a sheep, you will receive one to three blocks of wool, while killing the sheep will only yield one block of wool. Shears are made by placing two iron ingots diagnolly across from each other in the crafting table. Shears in real life are very similar to Minecraft shears, and also serve the same use, for efficiently getting wool from sheep. Shears take damage every time they are used, just like every tool in the game. Shears can be easily repaired without an anvil. To repair shears, take two damaged shears and place them next to each other in the crafting table. You will receive a new shear that has the amount of damage of the other two combined +5%. This is a good way to save iron with this tool that can be helpful for making carpets.


Also give information about enchantments

Shears can also have enchantments; unbreaking, mending, efficiency and silk touch by using an anvil secondly, if you hit a sheep 7 times with a shears and press the left and right mouse button at the same time you'll shear the sheep while he dies; meaning you'll get the drops of shearing the sheep AND drops from killing the sheep. Meaning you get in stead of 2 wool on average 3 wool on average!

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Wool Regrowth

Sheep need to regrow their wool after a shearing by eating grass. Until then, they drop no wool from being sheared or killed.

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